Alpha Epsilon Pi strives to provide a safe and respectful environment for all of our brothers, guests, neighbors and communities at all times. To do so, we regularly discuss health & safety with all chapter members and, especially, each chapter’s leadership. This is done throughout the academic year through ongoing communications, meetings with staff members and volunteers and regular fraternity-sponsored events such as our annual International Convention and regional conclaves.

AEPi’s chapters and members follow the Health and Safety Policy outlined in our Health and Safety Manual.

As a fraternity dedicated to developing leadership for Jewish communities and based in Jewish values, we take seriously our obligation to “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” (ואהבת לרעך כמוך). AEPi is based on inclusion and respect of people of all genders, races, religions, orientation or beliefs.


Alpha Epsilon Pi employs strict Health & Safety and Hazing policies, defined below. Alpha Epsilon Pi provides a hotline service (1-800-BAD-AEPI) for students to report hazing allegations to our office.

No chapter, colony, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Hazing activities are those defined as:

“Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Such activities may include but are not limited to the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any such activities carried on outside or inside the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution, or applicable state law.”


As a Jewish fraternity, one of the values of our teachings we hold most important is that all human beings are fashioned b’tselm Elohim, in the image of G-d. Therefore, it is wrong to treat anyone without dignity, no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation or religion. This, obviously, applies to sexual assault and harassment.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity unconditionally condemns, and its conditions of membership absolutely prohibit, any conduct considered as “sexual harassment” or “sexual assault.”

This includes such behaviors as repeated propositioning, coercive pressure, unwanted touching and physical violence.


The possession, sale, use or consumption of ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES while on chapter premises, or during a fraternity event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or in any event with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city, institution of higher education, and must comply with either the BYOB or Third Party Vendor Guidelines.

No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name of or on behalf of the chapter. THE PURCHASE OR USE OF A BULK QUANTITY OR COMMON SOURCES OF SUCH ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE, I.E., KEGS, CASES, TRASH CAN PUNCH, ETC. IS PROHIBITED.

OPEN PARTIES, meaning those with unrestricted access by non-members of the fraternity without specific invitation, where alcohol is present, shall be prohibited.

No Members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (those under the legal drinking age).

The possession, sale, or use of any ILLEGAL DRUGS or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES while on chapter premises or during a fraternity event, or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity, is strictly prohibited.

No chapter may co-sponsor an event with a distributor of alcohol, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold, or otherwise provided to those present.

No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups, or organizations.

All rush activities associated with any chapter will be DRY rush functions.

No member shall permit, tolerate, encourage, or participate in drinking games.

No alcohol shall be present at any pledge/associate member/novice program activity or ritual of the chapter.


“I am my brothers’ keeper.” A brother’s conduct should proceed from Jewish teachings and ethics, and a sense of goodwill and brotherhood. It is the policy of the fraternity that a brother should immediately seek emergency assistance when an individual’s appearance or conduct would reasonably cause one to be concerned for another person’s well-being. A brother who acts as a “Good Samaritan” shall receive amnesty from expulsion by the fraternity, providing that his actions occurred before emergency responders were otherwise made aware of the situation.