Repair The World Fund
Beneficiary Application

Through Alpha Epsilon Pi’s Official Philanthropy Program, AEPi Brothers in chapters around the world raise money through fundraisers that benefit the Repair The World Fund, the philanthropic arm of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation. Donations are distributed equally amongst the current beneficiaries annually at Alpha Epsilon Pi’s International Convention. Beneficiaries will receive the total amount committed to each beneficiary in increments that align with the current fundraising efforts of the cumulative Brotherhood. Should the fundraising in any year exceed the amount still committed to the beneficiaries, it will carry over to the next group of beneficiaries as it was raised in the name of the Repair The World Fund.

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  • By submitting this application, I, the undersigned, affirm that the information provided about this organization. I recognize that the final decision on which organizations become beneficiaries is up to the undergraduate brothers and executive office of Alpha Epsilon Pi. Given the varying nature of our philanthropic commitments, I understand that Alpha Epsilon Pi may not be able to provide a timeline for when the next beneficiaries of the Repair The World Fund will be chosen.