All Alpha Epsilon Pi undergraduate brothers, pledges and alumni are being asked to commit to the pledge that we are all our brothers’ keepers.

This pledge is a recognition that we all share a responsibility to provide for the well-being of our brothers, guests, neighbors, campus and community.

Caring for each other and for our community is an integral part of our shared values.

AEPi brothers take this responsibility seriously (Health & Safety Guidelines).

By signing this pledge, you are committing yourself to taking care of your brothers and guests. The commitment to this promise includes a “Good Samaritan” policy so that your actions to care for a guest or report dangerous activities will not result in additional issues for yourself or your chapter.

In Parashat Bereshit, God asks Cain where his brother is and Cain tauntingly replies, “Hashomer achi anochi? Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi have to commit to answering this ancient question in the positive.

Yes. We are all our brothers’ keeper.



I understand that, as a brother or pledge of Alpha Epsilon Pi, I will take seriously my responsibility to safeguard all brothers, guests, neighbors and others in the community.

I will not participate nor condone dangerous or illegal activities. Just as importantly, if I see somebody in distress, I will do my best to help or contact the proper authorities to ensure that the situation is properly resolved.

I agree that there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of my brothers and my community, and I will do my best to ensure they are safe and properly cared for.

Please allow 24 hours for your name to appear.

Kenny AbitbolTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2017
Jordan AdoniFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2020
Andrew AdrianHofstra University (Pi Beta)2019
Rick AlbertBrandeis University (Lambda Beta)2020
Eitan AlkaslassyPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2021
Michael AlperinUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2020
Jacob AlsteinUniversity of Florida (Phi Gamma)2021
Jack AndrewsUniversity at Albany (Alpha Nu)2020
Jacob AppelbaumFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Matt AroestyChapman University (Alpha Omega)2018
Jonah ArquilevichUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison (Pi)2020
Kishote ArrambideUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2019
Daniel AsselinUnion College (Upsilon Sigma)2019
Luis Banda FreyBradley University (Beta Upsilon)2021
David BarattCarnegie Mellon University (Alpha Kappa)2021
Jeremy BeadlingUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2020
Samuel BeldingCollege of William and Mary (Tau Pi)2020
Ari BellUniversity of Central Florida (Nu Delta)2021
Hannan Ben YosefNew York City North (Beta Sigma)2019
Jonathan BenichouNew York University - Heights (Alpha Upsilon)2022
Daniel BenjaminAuburn University (Theta)2021
Yosef BensonFlorida International University (Phi Iota)2018
Evan BensonNorth Carolina State University (Nu Chi)2019
Sharon BernshteinTechnion University (Gimel/Israel Gamma)2020
Joshua BichovskySUNY - New Paltz (Nu Rho)2021
Max BleichUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2017
Josh BlochAppalachian State University (Mu Theta)2020
Connor BlockRensselaer Polytechnic Inst (Rho Pi)2021
Max BohlinUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
OR BORREDABar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2019
Benjamin BremmerJames Madison University (Omega Epsilon)2019
Jonathan BridgeVirginia Commonwealth University (Epsilon Pi)2013
Mason BrombergBrandeis University (Lambda Beta)2021
Oscar BrombergNew York City (Alpha)2018
Michael BuccaFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Max BudinUniversity of Central Florida (Nu Delta)2018
Jon BurkeRutgers University (Rho Upsilon)2021
Benjamin BursteinUniversity of Pennsylvania (Gamma)2021
Grant CaplanFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Jack CassaraBurlington Vermont Chapter of AEPi (Zeta Pi)2021
Zachary ChabanFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Perry ChencinFlorida Gulf Coast University (Delta Chi)2016
Christopher ChutkoNew York City (Alpha)2019
Dominick CifelliFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2020
Scott ClayUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
Charles CohenBradley University (Beta Upsilon)2017
Nathan CohenPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2021
Justin CohenUnion College (Upsilon Sigma)2020
Scott CohonXi I (Xi I)1991
Scott CohonMichigan State University (Chi)1991
Daniel CooperDrexel University (Delta Rho)2022
Michael CooperUniversity of Waterloo (Kappa Omega)2018
Jared CoplonBlacksburg (Sigma Alpha)2019
Brian CordJohnson & Wales University (Omega Gamma)2018
Evan CoteUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2021
Benjamin courisFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2020
Charlie CramerUniversity of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign (Delta)2021
Brandon CrawfordUniversity of Oklahoma (Omega Upsilon)2020
Kyle CumminsUniversity of Houston (Upsilon Eta)2020
Gai DaubeBar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2020
Jared DayNew York City (Alpha)2021
Brandan DaytonPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2020
Jason Deck2021
Alec DeerUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2018
Evan DerrowNorthwestern University (Tau Delta)2011
Jordan DeutschMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Nolen Donovan2021
Josh DonskyUniversity of Guelph (Eta Theta)2021
Ross DresslerUniversity of Tampa (Tau Phi)2018
Spencer DunnisonCarnegie Mellon University (Alpha Kappa)2018
Ryan DwanHofstra University (Pi Beta)2019
Alex EisenbergUniversity of Delaware (Rho Deuteron)2019
Benjamin EisenbergUniversity of Tampa (Tau Phi)2021
Steve EisnerPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2020
Jake ErichsonUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2018
Evan EstradaWest Virginia University (Mu Lambda)2021
Russell EttingerBlacksburg (Sigma Alpha)2021
Ryan EvansUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Mu Epsilon)2019
Matthew FarberMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Adam FeilerFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2019
Sebastian FeldmanCalifornia State University - Fullerton (Chi Phi)2019
Jay FeldmanUniversity of Central Florida (Nu Delta)2003
Roy FerderberGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2021
Mathew FibusGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2020
Roie FieldsUniversity of Guelph (Eta Theta)2019
James FleischerKent State University (Phi Deuteron)1994
James FranksBradley University (Beta Upsilon)2020
Alex FrayndFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Brian FrechetteUniversity of Connecticut (Upsilon Kappa)2021
Zachery FriedmanUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2021
Kevin FriedmanMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Ben FriedmanGrand Valley State University (Delta Gamma)2021
Max FrischmanBlacksburg (Sigma Alpha)2015
Jacob GabelUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2020
Tyler GarfinkleYork University (Eta Pi)2021
Aron GellmanUniversity of Illinois - Chicago (Iota Chi)2020
Aron GellmanUniversity of Illinois - Chicago (Iota Chi)2020
Zack GersowskyFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Eli GetmanAuburn University (Theta)2021
Isaac GevovJohnson & Wales University (Omega Gamma)2021
Roei GiladKennesaw State University (Gamma Pi)2021
Ryan GinsbergUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
Sean GiovannielloFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2020
Max GoldbergUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
Andrew GoldbergUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Marc GoldschmidtFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2020
Elisha GoldsteinBar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2019
Samuel GotsmanFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Michael GouldGrand Valley State University (Delta Gamma)2020
Jonah GrandMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Jonah GrandMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Michael GranovskySUNY - New Paltz (Nu Rho)2020
Brendon GreenUniversity of South Florida (Psi Phi)2018
Henry GreenbergUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2020
Yonah GreenblattQueens College (Kappa Chi)2021
Zach GreenwaldBlacksburg (Sigma Alpha)2016
Lee GreenwaldJames Madison University (Omega Epsilon)2021
Micah GreifingerKennesaw State University (Gamma Pi)2021
Ignacio Guzman-AzicriFlorida International University (Phi Iota)2021
Harry HaberGeorgia Institute of Technology (Zeta)2021
Kevin HaddadNew York University - Heights (Alpha Upsilon)2022
Harrison HallFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2018
Alexander HamiltonNew York City (Alpha)2021
Yonatan HammermanBinghamton University (Beta Nu)2018
Alexander HaskelUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2019
Garrett HellerUniversity of Houston (Upsilon Eta)2016
Bradley HierConcordia University (Gamma Lambda)2018
Aaron HofferUniversity of Guelph (Eta Theta)2016
Kyle HoffmanUniversity of Nevada-Reno (Upsilon Nu)2020
Jake HoltzerAppalachian State University (Mu Theta)2020
Michael HoodUniversity of Tampa (Tau Phi)2021
Terry HugoKent State University (Phi Deuteron)2016
Max HymanNorthwestern University (Tau Delta)2021
Adam HymowitzUniversity of South Florida (Psi Phi)2011
Simon IsaacCUNY - Brooklyn College (Phi Theta)2018
Hod IzhakiBar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2018
Dylan Jacobs2020
Robbie JacobsEmory University (Epsilon)2017
Adin JacobsFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2019
Matthew JacobsonDrexel University (Delta Rho)2018
Ari JacobsonNorthwestern University (Tau Delta)2019
Ryan JesseAppalachian State University (Mu Theta)2019
Maxwell JohnstonUniversity of Nevada-Reno (Upsilon Nu)2020
Aaron KahaneNew York City (Alpha)2021
Max KaplanGeorgia Institute of Technology (Zeta)2018
Jacob KarbIllinois State University (Iota Beta)2019
Mark KarelinUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2021
Mark KarelinUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2021
Jordan KaskelNorthern Illinois University (Nu Iota)2019
Jacob KatsMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Mayer KatzInterdisciplinary Center (Aleph/Israel Alpha)2020
Jaren KatzUniversity of Colorado-Boulder (Chi Upsilon)2021
Ryan KatzHofstra University (Pi Beta)2020
Mason KatzenJohnson & Wales University (Omega Gamma)2019
yuval kavoshTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2017
Zachary KayalHofstra University (Pi Beta)2018
Alec KerdellUniversity of Alabama (Iota Deuteron)2021
Amir KesslerUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2017
Jason KirschtelUniversity at Buffalo (Upsilon Beta)2014
Zack KirshnerGrand Valley State University (Delta Gamma)2020
Liam KissingerGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2021
Danny KladnitskyUniversity of Minnesota (Mu Upsilon)2018
Daniel KlingGeorge Mason University (Gamma Mu)2020
Mark KoganBar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2019
Tal KohaviUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison (Pi)2020
Aaron KorbmanGlassboro, NJ (Gamma Upsilon)2020
LOGAN KramerFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Drew KrauseDePaul University (Beta Delta)2019
Joey LabovitzGrand Valley State University (Delta Gamma)2020
David LandessFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Doron LawrenceGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2020
Lee LehmanUniversity of Minnesota (Mu Upsilon)2021
Bergen LemackUniversity of Florida (Phi Gamma)2021
Moshe LencerInterdisciplinary Center (Aleph/Israel Alpha)2015
Alexander LevineCarnegie Mellon University (Alpha Kappa)2021
Daniel LevyWest Virginia University (Mu Lambda)2021
Eyal LevyLauder Business School (Phi Eta)2020
Adam LightmanFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2020
Ivan LindenfeldNew York City (Alpha)2021
Matthew LopaterGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2018
Scott MagatJames Madison University (Omega Epsilon)2016
Jamie MagrillUniversity of British Columbia (Beta Chi)2018
Joshua MalchmanInterdisciplinary Center (Aleph/Israel Alpha)2018
Daniel MarantzFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
David MariasUniversity of California-Davis (Chi Delta)2014
Tyler MasonUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Ryan MatthewsUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2019
Yitzhak MaurerBinghamton University (Beta Nu)2019
Nathaniel MaybergInterdisciplinary Center (Aleph/Israel Alpha)2019
Owen McCormackUniversity of Tampa (Tau Phi)2020
Alexander McInnisDetroit Metro (Xi)2021
Bryan McNamaraBrandeis University (Lambda Beta)2019
Herschel MeadowPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2021
Matt MedoskyUniversity of Central Florida (Nu Delta)2019
Matthew MelamedFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Alan MenagedCarnegie Mellon University (Alpha Kappa)2019
Robert MendelsohnUniversity of Texas at Austin (Gamma Deuteron)2019
Scott MessingUniversity of Rhode Island (Rho)2019
Dillon MeyerVirginia Commonwealth University (Epsilon Pi)2014
Cameron MiltonGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2019
Joshua MitnickJames Madison University (Omega Epsilon)2020
Ben MogilUniversity of Western Ontario (Lambda Omega)2021
Hunter MooreMichigan State University (Chi)2020
Jesse MullerCarleton University/U. Ottawa (Nu Kappa)2021
Jesse MullerCarleton University/U. Ottawa (Nu Kappa)2022
Christopher MuscariRensselaer Polytechnic Inst (Rho Pi)2018
Benjamin NachtigalUniversity of Rhode Island (Rho)2016
Edan NagarPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2021
Ron NaroditskyGeorge Mason University (Gamma Mu)2018
Mike NashenConcordia University (Gamma Lambda)2020
Alexander NazarovBar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2021
Richard NederlanderColumbia University (Iota)2018
Jeremy NewmanAuburn University (Theta)2019
Brandon NguyenUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Mu Epsilon)2021
Zachary NomerCUNY - Brooklyn College (Phi Theta)2019
Ben NormatovNew York City North (Beta Sigma)2019
Mark NosonovskyUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (Mu Epsilon)2021
Conor O’DonnellUniversity of Connecticut (Upsilon Kappa)2019
Matthew OstermanUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2018
Yehudah PaduaFlorida Gulf Coast University (Delta Chi)2020
Charlie ParkerFlorida Gulf Coast University (Delta Chi)2018
Alexander ParmanKennesaw State University (Gamma Pi)2020
Adam PasternackUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2018
Adam PasternackUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2018
Eliran PenkarDalhousie University (Alpha Gamma)2019
Aaron PerryUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2019
Connor PhillipsFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Samuel PlatcowInterdisciplinary Center (Aleph/Israel Alpha)2018
Jason PohlWest Virginia University (Mu Lambda)2021
Jake PolerAppalachian State University (Mu Theta)2019
Michael PollakKent State University (Phi Deuteron)2016
Kevin PomerantzUniversity of Florida (Phi Gamma)2020
Matthew PontbriandHofstra University (Pi Beta)2019
Guy RahatCollege of William and Mary (Tau Pi)2020
Michael RbijouUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
Eric ReinsteinNorth Carolina State University (Nu Chi)2018
Michael RendeUniversity of Tampa (Tau Phi)2018
Spencer ResselUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Arkadiy ReydmanGlassboro, NJ (Gamma Upsilon)2020
Hunter ReynoldsHofstra University (Pi Beta)2019
Jonah RicanatiUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Asher RichFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2020
Jacob RichmanBinghamton University (Beta Nu)2020
Noah RittenbergGeorgia Institute of Technology (Zeta)2019
Marc RobertsGlassboro, NJ (Gamma Upsilon)2019
Max RobinsonIthaca Metro (Iota Eta)2020
Dylan RochmanInterdisciplinary Center (Aleph/Israel Alpha)2019
Joshua RomeroUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Omega)2021
Philip RoseGrand Valley State University (Delta Gamma)2021
Alexander RosenTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2021
Lance RosenFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2020
Eli RosenUniversity of Florida (Phi Gamma)2021
David RosenHofstra University (Pi Beta)2019
Mike RosenbergTemple University (Alpha Pi)2001
Robert RosenfeldUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
Dan RosenfieldTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2017
Nathan RosenmannUniversity of Illinois - Chicago (Iota Chi)2020
Harry RosenmayerSonoma State University (Sigma Psi)2016
Toren RosenzweigUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2020
Ari RotenbergUniversity of British Columbia (Beta Chi)2022
Brian RothUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2012
Justice RoyUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2017
Justice RoyUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2017
Nathan RubinUniversity of Florida (Phi Gamma)2020
Nicholas RudmanCollege of William and Mary (Tau Pi)2018
Brandon RumannTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2019
Andi RustaniSt. Johns U. (St. Johns U.)2021
Jakob SadinskyWest Virginia University (Mu Lambda)2021
Ryan SafferFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2018
Joshua Samuel Saffrin BeteshNottingham (Upsilon Kappa Delta)2021
Andy SampsonFlorida Gulf Coast University (Delta Chi)2020
Zach SamuelsonOhio State University (Eta)2018
Cody Saraco-PolnerUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2020
Jacob SaripkinUniversity of Tennessee (Psi Deuteron)2021
Zach SavitzUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
David SaxeUniversity of Alabama (Iota Deuteron)2020
Ian SchaflerFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Joseph SchneiderFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Matthew SchneiderOhio State University (Eta)2018
Jacob SchneiderFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2019
Benjamin SchoenfeldSUNY - New Paltz (Nu Rho)2018
Tyler SchusterGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2017
Jordan SchwartzPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2021
Zachary SchwartzUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Omega)2021
Daniel SeddonDrexel University (Delta Rho)2021
Tyler ShadrickMiami University (Alpha Tau)2019
Ralph ShamahHofstra University (Pi Beta)2019
Bennett ShapiroUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2019
Joshua ShapiroUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Bennett ShapiroUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2019
Eric ShifmanEmerson College (Kappa Lambda)2021
Jacob ShippelGeorgia Southern University (Gamma Epsilon)2021
Zachary ShonfeldNorthwestern University (Tau Delta)2021
Bar ShopenTel Aviv University (Hay/Israel Epsilon)2019
Nir ShukrunBoston University (Zeta Deuteron)2021
Ryan ShulmanTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2017
Louis ShulmanUniversity of Alabama (Iota Deuteron)2021
Joshua SiegelSUNY - New Paltz (Nu Rho)2018
Travis SiegelUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
Daniel SieradskiSUNY - New Paltz (Nu Rho)2021
Brendan SigaleUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
Brendan SigaleUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
Zachary SikovCarnegie Mellon University (Alpha Kappa)2019
Spencer SilanskyUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2019
Austin SilversteinFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2019
Joshua SingerUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2019
Joshua SingerUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2019
Brandon SirotaFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2018
Mikhael SmitsPrinceton University (Pi Tau)2018
Gilbert SmolyakUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Sam SnyderRutgers University (Rho Upsilon)2019
Cole SnyderUniversity of South Carolina (Gamma Chi)2018
Jonathan SoleimaniNew York City (Alpha)2019
Josiah SonichAuburn University (Theta)2021
Asher SorianoUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Russell SoromUniversity of Nevada-Reno (Upsilon Nu)2020
Maxwell SpectorUniversity of Rochester (Rho Nu)2020
Benjamin SpiegelGlassboro, NJ (Gamma Upsilon)2020
Bryan SpiegelmanFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Shaun SpielbergerPennsylvania State University (Pi Deuteron/Phi Sigma Delta Sigma)2020
Richard StaymanUniversity of North Texas (Mu Gamma)2017
Nolan SteinTemple University (Alpha Pi)2020
Daniel SteinDrexel University (Delta Rho)2022
Brandon StoutAuburn University (Theta)2021
Jordan StrouseUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
Nicholas StrumFlorida State University (Phi Tau)2021
Joshua SushanDePaul University (Beta Delta)2016
Scott TerebushStockton University (Phi Beta)2019
Ben ThallQueens College (Kappa Chi)2021
Jacob ToczekNew York City (Alpha)2021
Bradley TomesTexas A&M University (Lambda Mu)2018
Zachary TownsendSyracuse University (Sigma Deuteron)2020
Robert TrombergUniversity of Pennsylvania (Gamma)2021
Ben UdellUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2020
Alexander UmanWake Forest University (Gamma Beta)2020
Kameron ValdiviaUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
Jake VallenBinghamton University (Beta Nu)2018
Ben VaupenPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2021
Matan VizerFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Yehonatan VloskiFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Martin VolinskyFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2012
Ari VoluckDrexel University (Delta Rho)2022
Ryan WajsQueens University (Canada) (Kappa Phi)2019
Graham WallUniversity of Oklahoma (Omega Upsilon)2020
Justin WallaceFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2020
Justin WallaceFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2020
David WarsofCollege of William and Mary (Tau Pi)2020
Parker weberBradley University (Beta Upsilon)2019
Samuel WeberUniversity of Pittsburgh (Phi Delta)2019
Adam WeinbaumDetroit Metro (Xi)2021
Paul WeinperKent State University (Phi Deuteron)2018
Benjamin WeisPurdue University (Pi Upsilon)2018
Jordan WeisbergFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Max WeissUniversity of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign (Delta)2021
Hayden WeissMichigan State University (Chi)2021
Charlie WeitzUniversity of Georgia (Omicron)2021
Jarrett WeitzUniversity of Rhode Island (Rho)2021
Jordan WerbelUniversity of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign (Delta)2021
Zachary WiacekUniversity of Connecticut (Upsilon Kappa)2020
Richard WilkesUniversity of Rhode Island (Rho)1979
Robert WinterNorthwestern University (Tau Delta)2021
Mitchell WisniewskiUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
David WittenbergUniversity of Cincinnati (Omicron Deuteron)2021
Skyler WulfsonUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2020
Skyler WulfsonUniversity of Hartford (Eta Upsilon)2020
Caleb YokenUnion College (Upsilon Sigma)2019
Yehonatan YosefiBar Ilan University (Vav/Israel Zeta)2020
Benjamin YusenUniversity of Iowa (Iota Upsilon)2021
Ben ZabinEmerson College (Kappa Lambda)2021
Alex ZandFlorida Atlantic University (Phi Alpha)2021
Max ZegersGeorgia Institute of Technology (Zeta)2020
Jared ZeitlinUniversity of Rhode Island (Rho)2018
Jonathan ZrihenCarleton University/U. Ottawa (Nu Kappa)2021
Dylan ZweibackSUNY - New Paltz (Nu Rho)2020