Mark Zuckerberg (Harvard, 2006) Founder, Facebook Inc.

Chet Simmons (George Washington, 1950)  Founder of ESPN Inc.

Wolf Blitzer (SUNY Buffalo, 1970)  Journalist, Author, CNN Correspondent

Matt Van Horn (Arizona, 2006) – Founder of Lyft, a ridesharing app

Justin Mateen (Southern California, 2008) – Founder & CMO of Tinder, a dating app

David Yarus (Babson College) – Founder, JSwipe

Jeremy Smith (Illinois) – Creator of SpotHero, a parking app

Stanley Prusiner (Pennsylvania, 1962)  Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine ’97

H. Robert Horvitz (MIT, 1968) – Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine ’02

Richard Thaler (Case-Western, 1967) – Nobel Prize Winner, Economics ’17

Bernard Marcus (Rutgers) – Founder, Home Depot

Dr. Sanford Ziff (Miami, 1947) Z”L – Founder, Sunglass Hut

Merrill Hassenfeld (Pennsylvania, 1938) Z”L Creator, Hasbro Toys (Deceased)

Bob Diener (Florida, 1979) Founder,

Alan Galumbeck (Old Dominion, 1968) – Vice President of Technology, The Weather Channel

Perry Mendel (Emory, 1943) – Founder, Kinder Care Day Centers

Saul Zabar (Kansas, 1950) – Co-Owner, Zabar’s Specialty Food Store

Stanley Zabar (Pennsylvania, 1953) – Co-Owner, Zabar’s Specialty Food Store

Newton D. Becker (Kent State, 1952) – Founder, Becker CPA Review Course


Josh Gottheimer – (Pennsylvania, 1997) United States Congressman

Ron Klein (Ohio State, 1979)  United States Congressman

Norm Sisiski (Virginia) Z”L – U.S. Congressional Representative of Virginia

Jerry Nadler (Columbia) – United States Congressman, New York’s 8th congressional district

Gary Bettman (Cornell, 1972) – Commissioner National Hockey League

Charles C. Moskowitz (NYU, 1914) Z”L – Former President/Treasurer, MGM Studios

Jack Stahl (Emory, 1975) – President of Revlon; former president of Coca-Cola

Michael A. Leven (Tufts, 1959) – President and COO of Las Vegas Sands

Boris Epshteyn (Georgetown, 2004) – Chief Political Analyst, Sinclair Broadcast Group

Herbert M. Baum (Drake, 1958) – Former CEO, Dial Corp., former president, Campbell Soup Company, former CEO Quaker State Corp.


Howard Kohr – Executive Director, AIPAC

Howard Lorber (C.W. Post 1970) – CEO, Vector Group; Chairman, Nathan’s Famous

Sheldon G. Adelson Z”L – Founder and CEO, Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Jay Feinberg (Dickinson, 1990) – Founder and Executive Director, Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation

Rabbi Levi Shemtov (George Washington)  Director of Chabad, Washington, D.C.

Moishe Smith (U. of Ottawa) – Past International President of B’nai B’rith

Michael “Mickey” Schwerner (Cornell, 1965) – Civil rights worker killed on June 21, 1964, depicted in Mississippi Burning

Eric Fingerhut – Hillel President

Dan Mariaschin (New Hampshire, 1971) – Executive Director, B’nai B’rith International

Rabbi Stanley Davids (Case Western, 1961) – President of Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA) 

Wayne Firestone (George Washington) – CEO, International Lifeline Fund. Former president, Genesis Prize Foundation. Former president/CEO of Hillel.

Artists & Entertainment

Charles C. Moskowitz Z”L (NYU, 1914) – Former President/Treasurer, MGM Studios

Gene Wilder Z”L (Iowa, 1955) – Actor/Producer/Director

Paul Simon (Queens, 1963)  Singer/Composer

Art Garfunkel (Columbia, 1964)  Singer/Composer

Hoody Allen aka Steven Markowitz (Pennsylvania, 2010) – Rapper, Singer, Songwriter

Richard Lewis (Ohio State, 1969)   Actor/Comedian

Jerry Lewis Z”L, Comedian/Chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Frank Gehry (Southern California, 1952) – American Architect

Randy and Jason Sklar (Michigan, 1994) – Actors, comedians; hosts of Cheap Seats on ESPN Classic as well as the Sklarbro Country and Dumb People Town podcasts

Scott Wolf (George Washington, 1991) – Actor

Matt Weitzman (American, 1989) Co-Creator and Co-Executive Producer of American Dad

Neil Goldman (Yale, 1993) Television Writer, executive producer, Family Guy, Scrubs, Worst Week

James L. Brooks (New York University, 1958) Academy award and Emmy Award winning producer/director

Leonard J. Goldberg (Pennsylvania, 1955) – Executive Producer, ‘Blue Bloods’. Former President, 20th Century Fox. Former Head of Programming, ABC.

Adam Richman (Emory, 1996) Creator and star of Man vs. Food

Zachary Tyler Eisen (Syracruse, 2015) – American voice actor, voiced ‘Aang’ in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender

Jeff Cohen (UC – Berkeley) – Attorney/Child Actor who played Chunk in The Goonies

Fred Silverman (Syracuse, 1958) – Independent Producer, Former President NBC Television

Irving Azoff (Illinois, 1970) – Chairman of LiveNation Entertainment

Michael Albert (MIT, 1969) – Political activist, economist, co-founder/co-editor of Z Magazine

Richard H. Frank (Illinois, 1964) – President, Disney Studios (1985-1994)

Steve Friedman (Illinois, 1968) – Former Executive Producer, NBC’s Today Show

Alan Jacobson (Queens College, 1982) – USA Today Bestselling Author

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More Notables

The World of Sports

Jerry Reinsdorf (George Washington, 1957) – Owner of Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox

Michael Reinsdorf (Arizona, 1989) – President and COO of Chicago Bulls

Gary Bettman (Cornell, 1974) – Commissioner of the NHL

Steve Koonin (Georgia, 1979) – CEO and part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club; Former President of Turner Broadcasting

Steve Stone (Kent State, 1969) – CY Young Winner 1980 Orioles, Chicago Cubs Announcer

Jim Pollak (Indiana, 1986) – 1992 Olympian; 1990 Goodwill Games gold medalist; four-time US National Champion in cycling

Michael Yormark (Maryland, 1988) – President of ROC Nation Sports

Ron Carner – President of Maccabi Games in Israel

Myles Brand (RPI, 1964) Z”L – Former President, NCAA

David Markin (Bradley, 1953) – Former Chairman of U.S. Tennis Association

Jason Bedrick (Babson College, 2005) – Member of the New Hampshire State Legislature

Ken Chertow (Penn State, 1989) – American Wrestler

Michael Yormark (Maryland, 1988) – President of the Florida Panthers

Martin Leaf (Illinois, 1947) – Family owner and founder of Leaf Candies and Donruss Baseball Cards

Public Service

Alan Baker (U. Ottawa)  Current Israel Ambassador to Canada

Haim Divon (U. Ottawa, 2002)  Former Israel Ambassador to Canada

Eliyahu Ben-Elissar (Johns Hopkins) – Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States

Josh Mandel (Ohio State, 2000) – State Representative of Ohio

Honorable Irwin Colter (McGill) – Former Canadian Minister of Justice

Scott Arogeti (Georgia, 2006) – Former Jewish Liaison to the White House

Allyn Kilsheimer (George Washington, 1963) – Structural Engineer who orchestrated the rebuilding of the Pentagon after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks

John E. Wallace, Jr. (Delaware, 1964) – New Jersey Supreme Court Justice, appointed May 20, 2003