Brother Alex Lane (Purdue, 2024)

It is said that, “The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” AEPi stands by this message as we promote leadership in the Jewish community which brings people together and celebrates our differences rather than homogenizing our communities. Brother Alexander Lane (Purdue, 2024) is using his leadership skills on his campus  to get his chapter more involved with diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a student at Purdue, Brother Lane, a Short Hills, N.J. native,  is majoring in general management and intends on graduating with a concentration in tourism management. “I’ve always wanted to go into organizational leadership.” He has been working for Centercourt Sports Academy, a private sports club. He worked his way up to a managers position and then a directors position. He now has a lot of exposure in that area of management. “During this last summer, I oversaw a program that essentially maximized our revenue possibility frontiers. For each week we achieved maximum registrations and profit goals.”

Brother Lane joined AEPi in the spring of 2021. During the first COVID-19 lockdown period he had very few contacts on campus that he could hang out with. Realizing that he had family friends on campus, he reached out to a graduating Brother and the Brother told him to come check out the house and talk to the rush chairs. “Next thing you know, I got a bid.”

“AEPi is not just a Brotherhood. It provides a home where everyone has that shared experience. We are, at a base level, a Jewish Fraternity and align ourselves with Jewish principles.”

Brother Lane’s favorite AEPi memory so far was the Pi Upsilon chapter’s recent formal in Chicago, their first since 2019. “Seeing all of his Brothers finally able to pull all of that together. That was an absolute highlight.” Through all the preparations and planning, everyone had a fun and safe time.

Brother Lane is currently the Chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. He represents AEPi to many different campus organizations including the LGBTQ community. He makes sure that new members know to go to events and engage with other groups on campus. “There was a lecture series presented by the President of Purdue, President Mitch Daniels. I was asked because of my extracurricular involvement if I could be involved with this event.” Brother Lane was proud to represent himself and his chapter as a leader in the Jewish community

“If you want to get involved in your chapter, start small. Start with a minor board position. See how you do there. See if it interests you and it will help develop you as a person, as a Brother, and as a leader. Just getting started, just being present and just trying.”

“We’re the next leaders in the Jewish Community and the Purdue community.”