07 Jun, 2021

ISRAEL21c: Spread Positive Stories About Israel

07 Jun, 2021

Digital Ambassadors are a select group of college students in the United States who feel passionate about Israel and use social media to spread fascinating stories about the people and accomplishments in Israel.

This 10-month program is open to any student leader who is committed to helping people see Israel through an apolitical, humanist lens.

Ambassadors have the option of participating in the Campaign Track or the Influencer Track.

Campaign Track Ambassadors work in small teams to develop content and implement a social media campaign. They participate in weekly and monthly meetings to achieve their campaign goals. Ambassadors will be paid a $1000 stipend.

Influencer Track Ambassadors promote ISRAEL21c content to various online communities through social media marketing and digital outreach. They participate in monthly trainings and meetings to enhance their online presence and learn from media industry experts. Ambassadors will be paid a $500 stipend plus up to an additional $500 in bonuses.