07 Jun, 2021

Embrace a Career as a Jewish Professional

07 Jun, 2021

The Nachshon Project Fellowship inspires college students to consider careers that serve the Jewish world. During their junior year of college, fellows participate in a tuition-free semester at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and engage in career exploration, Israel education, Jewish learning, mentorship, and leadership development. Throughout the program, fellows learn what Jewish professionals actually do and why they do it. As a result, more talented young adults are pursuing careers in the Jewish world.

After graduating from college, Nachshon Project Fellows can apply for fellowships of $30,000 per year to gain graduate degrees which will lead them to careers in Jewish professional leadership. Additionally, these Graduate Fellows participate in both academic and experiential learning, skill-building seminars, and networking opportunities. This fellowship ensures that individuals who strive to serve the Jewish community have both the opportunities to do so, and the skills and networks needed in order to succeed.

Contact [email protected]watch this video, or visit www.TheNachshonProject.com to learn more.