Welcome to the AEPi Pro Football

Philanthropy Challenge!

The AEPi Pro Football Philanthropy Challenge is a (American) pro football survivor pool that combines the excitement of Pro Football  with the competitiveness of pitting campuses across the globe against one another. 

To participate, simply fill out the form below and register. This year, participants can purchase one for $18. A minimum donation of $18 to AEPi’s Repair the World Fund is required to gain entry into the Survivor Pool. While no more than one Pool can be associated with each email address, there is no entry limit per person. If you have a friend or relative in an AEPi chapter, please select his chapter during your registration so the chapter receives credit for the challenge! Upon the completion of your donation you will receive a link via the email you provide to join the survivor pool. 

Our competition begins with Week 3 of the Pro Football season on September 23rd. On this day, participants will begin to be able to select their picks for the week.

You have until September 23, 2021 to purchase your entry

Prizes will be awarded to the individual who is still left at the end of the season (see rules for details regarding ties) As well as the chapter that Raises the most money for the AEPi Repair the World Fund.

  • The Overall Winner and Survivor of the Pool will receive a flight voucher of up to $500*
  •  The chapter that raises the most money will receive a new TV for the Brothers to enjoy *

*Subject to approval from Alpha Epsilon Pi IHQ

Alpha Epsilon Pi’s Repair the World Fund supports the global Jewish community through donations to organizations that provide assistance to those without adequate resources, support the fight against debilitating disease, provide worldwide disaster relief and much more! AEPi Brothers from chapters all over the world contribute to our Repair the World Fund as part of our Official Philanthropy Program.

For additional information about our Repair the World Fund, please visit https://www.aepi.org/philanthropy/. All donations to the Repair the World Fund of The Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are deductible to the fullest extent of U.S. law.

The winner of the AEPi Pro Football Survivor Pool will be determined by the following rules:

  • Upon completion of the regular season the final remaining individual will win.
  • If no one has “survived” then the last remaining individual that has “Survived” the longest amount of time will win
  • In the case of any “tie” a point spread differential will be used to determine the winner of the pool.
  • Participants are allowed only one entry in the contest.
  • The pool starts with Week 3 and runs through the end of the  Pro Football regular season (there are no playoffs).
  • Each participant chooses one Pro Football team each week that they think will win their game outright
  • Each team can only be selected once for the duration of the season (so, for example, you can only pick the Cincinnati team to lose once, not every week)
  • If a game you selected ends in a tie, your pick will be correct and your entry will advance
  • You can pick any game up until each game’s kickoff. Once a game you picked has begun, you can no longer change that week’s entry
  • If a member does not enter a pick for a week, then no automatic pick will be made and the entry will be eliminated
  • If a game is cancelled, postponed to a future week, or otherwise not played (e.g. forfeited), members who picked the game will have their pick replaced with the smallest available favorite from games starting after your pick deadline. Members can change this pick if your pick deadline has not passed yet. NOTE: If a late game is cancelled last minute, this may result in a pick being assigned from an earlier game that has already been completed.

Chapter Leaderboard

Johns Hopkins University$844.00
Vanderbilt University$632.00
University of California-Berkeley$565.00
Indiana University$368.00
University of Colorado-Boulder$218.00
University of Florida$198.00
Wayne State University$108.00
Ohio University$92.00
University of Pennsylvania$92.00
University of Delaware$72.00
Purdue University$56.00
University of Toronto$38.00
Florida Atlantic University$36.00
University at Albany$36.00
University of Georgia$36.00
University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign$36.00
Georgia Institute of Technology$18.00
Grand Valley State University$18.00
Kennesaw State University$18.00
Towson University$18.00
University of British Columbia$18.00
University of California-Los Angeles$18.00
University of California-Santa Barbara$18.00
University of Central Florida$18.00
University of Iowa$18.00
University of Miami$18.00
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill$18.00
University of Rhode Island$18.00
Yale University$18.00