04 Jun, 2020

Pardes Scholarship

04 Jun, 2020

You may have always wanted to study Torah intensively in Jerusalem, or perhaps the plans/work opportunities you had for next year have completely changed. Thanks to generous support from its funders, Pardes has been given the opportunity to help you turn this crisis into a transformative experience of intensive Torah learning in Jerusalem. Pardes is offering guaranteed tuition scholarships for all who need, ranging from 50-100% tuition scholarships, along with generous living stipends for the coming Year/Semester Program. Space is limited, so apply now!


  • Limited to full-time students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Study for full the length of our Fall Semester, Spring Semester, or both!

  • Monthly living stipends ranging from $50- $500

  • Exact scholarship and stipend amounts will be determined based on need and merit.

  • Preferential consideration for Jewish professionals who have been laid off and want to return to the field with a leg up.

  • Additional interest-free loans may be available where necessary, and Masa needs-based grants may also be available to qualified individuals.

  • Recipients of Masa grants will receive a scholarship for the tuition balance after their Masa grant has been applied to tuition.

  • Does not include Student Activities Fee ($500/year or $350/semester)

  • Recipients of this offer will be expected to invest several hours weekly in helping maintain our communal space.

  • In addition to the standard application, applicants must fill out a financial aid form to be eligible for this offer.

Interested? Email [email protected] for more information.