04 Mar, 2019

Mensch Madness 2019: AEPi’s Bracket Challenge

04 Mar, 2019

From the earliest days of our Brotherhood, basketball played a role in our Founding Father’s development as leaders. As it says in the Blue Book, “Charles C. Moskowitz, a fine basketball player, was sought after for his athletic skills”, setting him down a path that would eventually lead to the founding of our great fraternity.

It is in this spirit we introduce the 4th annual Mensch Madness bracket competition! Join us in friendly competition as you and your chapter Brothers prove yourselves as the spiritual torchbearers to Charles C.’s clout on the court.

Mensch Madness 1080 x 300

How do we compete?

By visiting www.menschmadness.aepigivesback.org, a $10 donation to our Repair the World Official Philanthropy fund grants you a bracket predicting the winners of the NCAA March Madness tournament. The Repair the World fund benefits our 10 Official Philanthropy beneficiaries like Gift of Life, Innovation: Africa, and Heroes to Heroes Foundation. Participation in Mensch Madness counts towards your chapter’s contribution to Official Philanthropy!


The chapter with the most brackets filled out by the end of the competition wins not only bragging rights over all other chapters, but the glorious Charles C. Moskowitz trophy pictured below!

The individual with the most accurate bracket submitted also wins $500 towards a flight of their choosing. Double win!


Selection Sunday is scheduled for March 17th, at which point you will be able to make your bracket. The deadline to buy in and make a bracket is 11:59 am March 19th.

Call your chapter Brothers, alumni, family, friends and sports aficionados and get them to sign up for Mensch Madness today!

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