Leadership Series

Alpha Epsilon Pi’s goal is to develop leaders for the global Jewish community.  The AEPi Staff and Volunteers work tirelessly to create as many educational opportunities as possible for undergraduate Brothers.  The following are some of the opportunities for undergraduate Brothers to develop their leadership skills.

The International Convention and Anniversary Celebration:

Each Summer, Alpha Epsilon Pi hosts the International Convention and Anniversary Celebration. Undergraduate Brothers are given the opportunity to join hundreds of their fellow Brothers for a weekend of fun, leadership training, and Brotherhood.  Throughout the weekend, AEPi Staff, Volunteers, and Professional Guests speak to Brothers about leadership, risk management, event planning, Jewish identity, and philanthropy.  Additionally, AEPi Brothers participate in a massive community service project benefiting the local community.  Undergraduate Brothers leave this event incredibly energized and with new ideas to help lead their Chapters to greatness.

Alpha Epsilon Pi’s Regional Leadership Conclaves:

At the International Convention, six outstanding chapters are selected to host their respective region’s Conclave.  The following Spring, these chapters host hundreds of Brothers to a huge weekend event consisting of a Shabbat dinner, a massive social event, leadership training, risk management, and an awards banquet.

Educational Leadership Consultants:

Alpha Epsilon Pi has several dedicated staff members in constant contact with each Chapter and Colony.  These staff members travel from university to university helping AEPi Brothers with anything they may need.  AEPi has an incredible relationship with its undergraduate Brothers.

Volunteer Advisors:

AEPi’s motto, “Commitment for a lifetime,” helps keep our most precious resources, our alumni, involved.  Countless alumni dedicated their free time to helping our Chapters and Colonies succeed.  Each Chapter and Colony has a specified Advisor trained to help our Brothers with any situation.  Additionally, the Supreme Board of Governors appoints Regional Governors and Assistant Regional Governors to help AEPi groups in every region.

Leadership Guides:

Alpha Epsilon Pi Staff and Volunteers have compiled a vast amount of knowledge and advice into a series of leadership guides.  These guides contain information on a wide variety of topics.