Gitelson Medallion

Alpha Epsilon Pi Gitelson Medallion Recipients

The Gitelson Silver Medallion is awarded to an alumnus of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity who has excelled in the area of Jewish communal service. The Medallion is presented in memory of the scholarship and communal activity of Nehemiah Gitelson, Talmudic scholar and father of M. Leo Gitelson, a 1921 graduate of New York University. The medallion has on its obverse side a likeness of Nehemiah Gitelson in traditional tallit and tephillin indicating devotion to learning and religion. On the reverse side are several symbols of Judaism: the Menorah, the Scroll, the Laurel Wreath and the Torah.



Year Name School
1933 Isadore Epstein Columbia University
1939 Alex Cohen Michigan State University
1940 Theodore Racoosin New York University
1941 Emil Lustgarten New York University
1942 Isadore Garek Ohio State University
1943 Abram Orlow University of Pennsylvania
1944 Samuel Rothstein New York University
1945 Dr. Maxwell H. Goldberg University of Massachusetts
1947 Nathaniel L. Goldstein New York University
1947 Jacob Alson New York University
1948 Frederick Katz New York University
1949 William Sylk Temple University
1950 Max Schneider New York University
1951 Adam Lebson New York University
1952 Frank Garson Emory University
1953 Sigmund H. Steinberg University of Pennsylvania
1954 Lewis Markel University of Virginia
1955 Irving Miller New York University
1956 Harold Zimman Tufts University
1958 Arthur Teich University of Pennsylvania
1959 Jesse Kahn New York University
1960 Dr. John J. Hausman Ohio State University
1962 Samuel L. Eplan Emory University
1963 Sidney Eisenberg Ohio Northern University
1966 Irving Maidman New York University
1967 Louis Stern University of Pennsylvania
1972 Max Wolf University of Tennessee
1974 Harry B. Smith University of Miami
1976 Sherwin B. Pomerantz New York University-Heights
1977 David Goldwasser Emory University
1978 Max Karl University of Wisconsin
1982 Everett Rosenberg University of Texas
1983 Rabbi Alexander Schindler Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1984 Bernard Rapoport University of Texas
1984 Morton Kornreich University of Pennsylvania
1986 Harry Kessler University of Missouri-Rolla
1986 Samuel Melton Ohio State University
1989 Marvin Kay George Washington University
1990 Jack Freedman Emory University
1991 L. Jules Arkin University of Miami
1992 Philip Meltzer New York University
1993 Rabbi Stanley Davids Case Western Reserve University
1994 Dr. Perry Brickman Emory University
1996 Joseph Dolgin Washington University in St. Louis
1997 Alan Jaffe Cornell University
1997 Rabbi Moses Weiler University of Delaware
1999 Gilbert Bachman Georgia Institute of Technology
2001 Benjamin Schulman Vanderbilt University
Mark Lainer
Harold Steinberg
Michigan State University
2010 Dan Mariaschin University of New Hampshire
2011 Robert B. Diener University of Florida