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Alpha Epsilon Pi chapters are located at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Don't see your current or future school? Click here for more information on starting a chapter.

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    School/Metro RegionChapter DesignationChartered
    American UniversitySigma Pi1969
    Auburn UniversityThetaColony
    Babson CollegeBeta Epsilon2005
    Baruch CollegeBeta Sigma1960
    Bentley UniversityPsi Beta2006
    Binghamton UniversityBeta Nu1985
    Boston UniversityZeta DeuteronColony
    Bradley UniversityBeta Upsilon1949
    Brandeis UniversityLambda Beta1987
    Brown UniversityBeta Rho1997
    Burlington Vermont Chapter of AEPiZeta Pi1954
    Cal Poly - San Luis ObispoSigma Omega1969
    California State University - ChicoChi EtaColony
    California State University - FullertonChi Phi2011
    California State University - Long BeachChi Beta1988
    California State University - NorthridgeChi Nu1985
    Carnegie Mellon UniversityAlpha Kappa1987
    Chapman UniversityAlpha OmegaColony
    Claremont CollegesChi ChiColony
    Cleveland MetroTau DeuteronColony
    College of CharlestonChi Omicron2002
    College of New JerseyAlpha Eta2009
    College of William and MaryTau Pi2007
    Colorado State UniversityGamma RhoColony
    Columbia UniversityIota1923
    Cornell UniversityBeta1917
    CUNY - Brooklyn CollegePhi Theta1956
    DePaul UniversityBeta Delta2008
    Drexel UniversityDelta Rho1998
    Duke UniversityDelta Kappa1985
    Emory UniversityEpsilon1920
    Florida Atlantic UniversityPhi Alpha1989
    Florida Gulf Coast UniversityDelta ChiColony
    Florida International UniversityPhi Iota2012
    Florida State UniversityPhi Tau1968
    George Mason UniversityGamma Mu2007
    Georgetown UniversityEta Sigma2002
    Georgia Institute of TechnologyZeta1920
    Georgia Southern University Gamma EpsilonColony
    Georgia State UniversityGamma Alpha1949
    Harvard UniversityEta Psi2001
    Hofstra UniversityPi Beta1986
    Hunter CollegeRho Eta1968
    Illinois State UniversityIota Beta1983
    Indiana UniversityBeta Iota1958
    Ithaca MetroIota Eta1991
    James Madison UniversityOmega Epsilon2008
    Johns Hopkins UniversityPsi1936
    Johnson & Wales UniversityOmega GammaColony
    Kennesaw MountainGamma PiColony
    Kent State UniversityPhi Deuteron1949
    Lehigh UniversitySigma Eta1979
    Loyola University of ChicagoLambda RhoColony
    Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMu Tau1947
    Miami UniversityAlpha Tau1964
    Michigan State UniversityChi1934
    New York UniversityAlpha1913
    North Carolina State UniversityNu ChiColony
    Northeastern UniversitySigma Kappa Psi1962
    Northern Illinois UniversityNu Iota1976
    Northwestern UniversityTau Delta2000
    Ohio State UniversityEta1921
    Ohio UniversityOmicron Upsilon1978
    Pennsylvania State UniversityPi Deuteron/Phi Sigma Delta Sigma1947
    Pepperdine UniversityPi DeltaColony
    Purdue UniversityPi Upsilon1952
    Queens CollegeKappa Chi1949
    Ramapo CollegeRho Sigma1992
    Rensselaer Polytechnic InstRho Pi1950
    Rochester Inst. of TechnologyRho Iota1966
    Rowan UniversityGamma UpsilonColony
    Rutgers UniversityRho Upsilon2015
    San Diego State UniversitySigma Delta1970
    San Francisco State UniversityBeta Alpha2004
    San Jose State UniversityChi Psi2009
    Sonoma State UniversitySigma Psi2013
    Southern Methodist UniversityTau ChiColony
    Stanford UniversitySigma Tau1989
    Stony Brook UniversityIota Delta1985
    SUNY - New PaltzNu Rho2013
    SUNY - OneontaOmega Sigma1987
    SUNY - OswegoOmega Nu1987
    Syracuse UniversitySigma Deuteron1947
    Temple UniversityAlpha Pi1956
    Texas A&M UniversityLambda MuColony
    Towson UniversityTau Mu1993
    Tulane UniversityTau Upsilon1951
    Union CollegeUpsilon Sigma1986
    University at AlbanyAlpha Nu1985
    University at BuffaloUpsilon Beta1958
    University of ArizonaUpsilon Alpha1964
    University of California-BerkeleyChi Alpha1949
    University of California-DavisChi Delta1988
    University of California-IrvineZeta Tau1988
    University of California-Los AngelesXi Deuteron1948
    University of California-RiversideChi Rho2007
    University of California-San DiegoChi Sigma1998
    University of California-Santa BarbaraSigma Beta1988
    University of California-Santa CruzSigma Zeta2004
    University of Central FloridaNu Delta2000
    University of ChicagoLambda/U. Chicago1923
    University of CincinnatiOmicron Deuteron1947
    University of Colorado-BoulderChi Upsilon1977
    University of ConnecticutUpsilon Kappa1956
    University of DelawareRho Deuteron1947
    University of FloridaPhi Gamma1951
    University of GeorgiaOmicron1926
    University of HartfordEta Upsilon1985
    University of HoustonUpsilon Eta1968
    University of Illinois - ChicagoIota Chi1969
    University of Illinois - Urbana/ChampaignDelta1920
    University of IowaIota Upsilon1951
    University of KansasKappa Upsilon1949
    University of MarylandDelta Deuteron1993
    University of MassachusettsPhi1933
    University of MiamiLambda Deuteron1947
    University of MichiganOmega Deuteron1949
    University of MinnesotaMu Upsilon1949
    University of MissouriMu Deuteron1947
    University of Missouri-S&TNu Deuteron1947
    University of Nevada-Las VegasNu Sigma1968
    University of Nevada-RenoUpsilon Nu1992
    University of North Carolina at Chapel HillOmega1937
    University of North TexasMu Gamma2014
    University of OklahomaOmega Upsilon1959
    University of OregonUpsilon Omega2001
    University of PennsylvaniaGammaColony
    University of PittsburghPhi Delta1970
    University of Rhode IslandRho1928
    University of RochesterRho Nu1964
    University of South CarolinaGamma Chi2010
    University of South FloridaPsi Phi1987
    University of Southern CaliforniaUpsilon1931
    University of TampaTau Phi1970
    University of TennesseePsi Deuteron1949
    University of Texas at AustinGamma Deuteron1939
    University of Texas at San AntonioTheta SigmaColony
    University of VirginiaMu1924
    University of WashingtonChi Deuteron1947
    University of Wisconsin - MadisonPi1927
    University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeMu Epsilon1957
    Vanderbilt UniversityTau1929
    Virginia Commonwealth UniversityEpsilon Pi1970
    Virginia TechSigma Alpha1969
    Wake Forest UniversityGamma BetaColony
    Washington University in St. LouisSigma1928
    Wesleyan UniversityAlpha Psi
    West Virginia UniversityMu LambdaColony
    Yale UniversityEpsilon Upsilon1991
    Yeshiva UniversityUpsilon Upsilon2006